I-Charge EV Charging Solutions

I-Charge EV Charging Solutions

It’s the BEST one. It’s the RIGHT one.

Bolt™  enables commercial & private carpark owners operate EV charging stations, get paid but without expensive set-up fees. Our State of Art Charging Station Management System (CSMS) are fully certified on OCPP1.6 Features and Security, make it ideal for managing enterprises and public EV charging service.

With Bolt™ mobile app, EV drivers can find, book and pay for an EV charger within 90 seconds!  They can either reserve a Bolt EV charging station up to 7 days in advance.  No more queueing!



OCPP 1.6 Fully Certified
OCPP 1.6 Security Certified
Why wait when you can book in advance?

I-Charge EV Charger Booking

Bolt is an innovative EV charging online booking system developed by I-Charge Solutions International Co Ltd (I-Charge)! With Bolt mobile app, EV drivers can find, book and pay for an EV charger within 90 seconds!

No more stress, A Better World

With Bolt™, you can Find, Book & Pay for an EV Charger near you within 90 seconds!

No more stress, no more queuing, so you can spend your precious time to do things you enjoy!

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