Case Studies


We work closely with our customers like you to design, install and manage charging solutions that are simple, streamlined and seamless for drivers. 


Hong Kong Environmental
Protection Department

Multistorey Public Car Park Hong Kong CBD

Charging ports: 124, spread across 6 floors
Configuration: 32A Single-Phase, maximum output 7kW


In 2020, the Hong Kong  Environmental Protection Department (EPD) engaged I-Charge on a major project to provide multiple EV charging facilities at one of its largest public car parks. After a number of discussions with the EPD leadership group, it was clear this was going to be a significant undertaking. The six-storey car park is not only one of the busiest in Hong Kong, but it is also located in one of the highest density blocks of the CBD.

Having previously worked on other major EV charging projects closeby to this site, our I-Charge team in HK well understood fluctuating drivers’ usage patterns in the busy area. It was important we designed our electrical and mechanical infrastructure accordingly to ensure the charging experience for drivers was reliable and robust. In addition, we knew a new EV charging project of this scale would require technical excellence and innovation. Thankfully our team are world-leaders in both. Following a period of consultation, I-Charge was commissioned to install 124 charging units across the car park’s six levels. A 32A Single-Phase AC charger manufactured by Setec was selected for installation at all locations on this site, with each unit providing a maximum output of 7kW. Not only did we install our proprietary Charging Station Management System (CSMS) on the network, we also deployed our leading Load Management System (LMS) across this site.

Installation of our LMS was essential to ensure the maximum number of chargers at any time could cater to the maximum number of car park users: whether it was busy or quiet, whether charging demand was high or low, and whether cars were parked on Level 1 or 6. Power Sharing and Smart Queuing functionalities were also activated on all charging units, to ensure the highest standards of power management were adhered to – which was of particular importance to the client given it is the leading  government department responsible for environmental protection issues in Hong Kong. Working closely with EPD’s engineering team, we also paired all the chargers with pre-existing on-site infrastructure to allow charger availability status to be displayed on the car park’s dynamic signage boards.

This allows drivers to easily see how many chargers are available at any given time and where in the car park available chargers can be found. I-Charge also devised a unique software solution for drivers to interact with on each charging unit’s 10” touch screen display, which indicates smart queueing status and approximate charging time required, along with a series of helpful “how to” and “troubleshooting” videos. Not only were we pleased with the solution that our hard working team devised for this complex site, we are incredibly proud that the Load Management System deployed for this project has now become the gold standard for EV charging Load Management Systems, which is now stipulated in many other Hong Kong Government tenders.


Mount Petrie Bowmen Archery Club

Members-only Car Park
Brisbane, Australia

Charging ports: 2
Configuration: AC  32A 3 Phase, maximum output 22kW


I-Charge was approached by the board of Mount Petrie Bowmen Archery Club in 2023 to devise an EV charging solution for their members. Our Australian team conducted a site visit to discuss the board’s vision and assessed the suitability of the club’s outdoor car park for EV charging. It was pointed out to our team that while the single level, outdoor car park is physically accessible to the public, the Club wanted to ensure any charging facilities would only be made available to its private members, in an effort to discourage others from parking in the lot. Importantly, the board indicated many of its members had expressed interest in owning an Electric Vehicle but stressed only a small number currently owned an EV, so any solution needed to be fair and cost-effective to ensure broad support by the club’s membership and also scalable to anticipate future demand.

Given the car park’s location in an outdoor setting with a large area of unobstructed overhead space and, additionally, Brisbane’s favourable weather conditions, the I-Charge team instantly saw this project as an opportunity to provide the club with a solar-supported charging solution. Working closely with the club’s board and membership, our team recommended the installation of a simple but fast AC 32A 3-Phase charging unit with two charging ports. To ensure the charger was only functional for members, we installed our property Charging Station Management System (CSMS) which allowed for pin-only access. Other key CSMS features requested by the club and activated by I-Charge centred largely around the board’s request for fairness in pricing and service. First and foremost, that meant adopting a Charge By Consumption model where the club is charged only for the actual power each EV draws from the unit. Many factors affect the time charging can take, including the calibration of individual EV makes & models, the general weather conditions and fluctuating demands on the power grid. A Charge By Consumption model, therefore, is much fairer and more familiar for end-users, and is much like petrol stations charging for fuel by the litre. In addition we activated our pre-booking function for members to reserve their charge in advance, and, to assist the club with cultivating good EV etiquette, we turned on an idle fee function which penalizes drivers who overstay their charge. We are proud to have now also configured the charger to draw power from the club’s pre-existing solar infrastructure which assists the club in generating additional funds to support all members – whether or not they own an EV.


Dah Chong Hong Holdings

Logistics Depot & Office Car Park, Hong Kong

Charging ports: 18
Configuration: AC  32A 3 Phase, maximum output 22kW


Dah Chong Hong Holdings (DCH) is one of Asia’s biggest conglomerates, operating more than 100 car dealerships, 60 retail outlets and is a major provider of road transport and logistics services. In 2023, I-Charge was selected by DCH to design and roll out the company’s very first on-site EV chargers at one of its major locations in Hong Kong. The first challenge that became immediately clear to our I-Charge team was the diversity of EV drivers who regularly work and visit the site. Not only do many of DCH’s staff own EVs for personal and professional use, but the company also has a number of Electric Trucks in its fleet which use the facility as a depot. In addition, our team was informed that DCH saw an opportunity for this site to provide paid charging facilities to E-Taxis after business hours. 

As this project marked DCH’s first major investment in EV charging for its staff and fleet, there were a number of considerations that our team needed to take into account. What’s more, DHL indicated that it wished for this site to be a model for future EV charger rollouts at its other locations across Hong Kong. In short, it was important we got the charging solution right. Working closely with DCH management, I-Charge was commissioned to install an initial 20 DC 60kW – 120kW charging ports on the site. We supplied a white label version of our property Charging Station Management System (CSMS) to operate under DCH branding, with a number of key features activated and managed I-Charge specifically for DCH’s customers. Key features include a charge by consumption model, different price offerings for peak and non-peak periods and the activation of certain privileges (e.g. priority charging and discounts) when chargers are used by DCH’s Motor Club members. Importantly, I-Charge recommended and installed a bespoke version of our leading Load Management System (LMS) to ensure the diverse of different vehicles that visit the site – i.e. both trucks and cars – would be properly served. We’re pleased that feedback from DCH’s management, staff and customers has been that they’ve found the charging offering on this trial site to both readily available and robust. Given that success and the popularity of the initial 20 chargers, we’re pleased I-Charge is now in the process of rolling out an additional 60 charging ports across the DCH’s other Hong Kong sites.


    Dah Chong Hong
    Dah Chong Hong

    Anthony Chan General Manager Construction Project, Property, Insurance, Admin, OSH, ESG Group Services

    “DCH’s innovative EV Charging Service has been experiencing exponential growth since it launched in December 2023. Our staff and customers love the easy-to-use I-Charge Mobile App and we are thrilled with the service provided by the EV Charging Station Management System – which we’ve found to be user-friendly, reliable and, importantly, sustainable. By engaging the expertise of I-Charge to design, supply, install, operate and maintain our platform, DCH has peace of mind that our staff and customers are receiving an excellent EV charging service.”

      Christine Fong
      Christine Fong

      Chairman of Lohas Park Owners Committee, Sai Kung District Councillor

      “As the first MTR residential project implementing the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme (EHSS), The Capitol at LOHAD Park is pleased to have selected I-Charge be our EV-charging consultant. I-Charge has provided us with valuable and professional advice all along the way from the start of the project. They not only demonstrated extensive experience in EV charging infrastructure installation, but also helped address various inquiries from residents about EV.”

        Jonathan Cheng
        Jonathan Cheng

        Facility Manager, Hong Kong

        “We are so glad that we have chosen I-Charge as our EV Charging Solution partner. With the one-stop management system, we can provide EV Charging service to our talents, free of mind.”