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Just as no one car is right for every driver, at I-Charge we know there isn’t one charging solution that’s right for every customer. That’s why we work directly with all parties to provide the best solutions for their individual needs – both for today and for our rapidly-changing future.


Without question, governments have the biggest potential to shape our EV charging future.

That’s why, in each of the territories we operate, I-Charge works closely with governments of all shapes, sizes and political stripes to achieve the very best outcomes for their constituents.

Big or small, we see our partnerships with government agencies as fundamental to our mission of making EV charging easy, fast, affordable and environmentally sustainable for as many people on the planet as possible.

In most cases, governments can achieve unrivalled scale in the EV charging solutions they provide for their communities. It’s little wonder government work for public charging projects is fiercely contested by the private sector!

At I-Charge, though, the scope of our work with governments around the world extends well beyond competing for projects and applying for tenders. We regularly provide pro-bono public charging advice to government agencies and, importantly, work actively with government regulators to adhere to the highest standards of practice in each of the countries we operate.

Since our inception, I-Charge has been the proud recipient of many government programs to accelerate the rollout of public charging. We are proudly listed as approved suppliers of EV charging solutions by dozens of government agencies around the world:

Our work with governments is also where our proprietary I-Charge Load Management System really shines. In fact, we have whole cities that rely on our software when it comes to sharing, queuing, prioritising and storing EV charging power!

At I-Charge, we know that it’s only by working together with governments that we’ll be able to create a better EV charging future for our world and create a more sustainable planet for generations to come.


When it comes to EV charging solutions for commercial and residential properties, developers know it’s now a case of “build it and they will come”.

Increasingly, EV charging facilities are a ‘must-have’ for potential residents and/or tenants when considering a new development. That’s why, in a highly competitive market, picking the right charging solution has never been more important for developers and strata managers.

Much of our work at I-Charge involves collaborating with stakeholders on designing, installing and managing charging solutions that are simple, streamlined and seamless.

Like all the work we do at I-Charge, though, we know no property or development project is the same. This is why we never adopt a one-size-fits-all model when working with our customers in this space.

Whatever your project, rest assured our global footprint gives our team exposure to a vast and varied portfolio of properties – each with their own unique specifications and needs. We are proud of our agility, creativity and commercially-minded approach when designing EV charging solutions for developers and strata managers.


At I-Charge, we are incredibly thrilled to have witnessed an exponential rise in the number of corporate and community orgnisations embrace EV charging solutions in the eight years since we started operating.
It must be said, much credit should be given to passionate members and leaders within these organisations for actively pursuing EV charging capabilities for their communities.
For many of these organisations, though, we know that making the decision to install an EV charger is neither immediately possible nor inexpensive. We are acutely aware that, no matter how big an organisation is, deciding to take the first step on an EV charging journey is a big decision.
That’s why at I-Charge, we are committed to providing advice, know-how and support to corporates and community groups – both big and small – whatever stage of the decision making process you may be at. And, no matter your size, we never skimp on our commitment to detail!
So, if you’re considering providing an EV charging solution to your staff, members or visitors – and whether you’re looking to install one EV charger or one hundred – our team will work closely with you to explain the options available and find the best fit.


At I-Charge we understand that every EV charging market in the world is different – as is every charging site – which is why we’ve learnt over the years not to be precious. In fact, these days we’re not proud not to be precious.
What does that mean, you might ask? First and foremost, it means we start each and every conversation with a solution-oriented mindset. That is, we are genuinely committed to finding a way to help you.
Across the various countries I-Charge operates, our team wears many hats. Sometimes, the charging sites we power are fully owned and operated by I-Charge. Often, though, our charging solutions are the result of partnerships with other operators.
Own label, white label or your label, we happily tailor our I-Charge products, adapt our proprietary technology and regularly partner with a number of leading charging providers & licensees globally to achieve the best results for our customers’ needs.
Our mission to accelerate the adoption rate of Electric Vehicles globally is certainly not a small one. That’s why we’re big thinkers when it comes to achieving it.
We’re proud that dozens of charging partners and licensees around the world trust our technology and our expertise. At I-Charge, we know that it’s only by working together – often with trusted local partners and licensees – that we’ll be able to create a better EV charging future for our world and create a more sustainable planet for generations to come.
So, whether you’re looking to explore how I-Charge could help you manage a charging site, discuss how a current or future site could benefit from connecting with I-Charge’s proprietary CSMS, or find out how to how we could assist you in devising a sustainable commercial charging model for a new project… or you’d just like to have a chat, we’d love to hear from you!
From retrofitting requests to rapid remote controlling solutions, there aren’t many challenges our experienced team haven’t been able to solve.


We say it regularly here at I-Charge: when it comes to paving the road to a more environmentally friendly future, we know the power is – quite literally – in every EV driver’s hand each time they plug-in their car to charge.
That’s why everything we do is aimed at making the charging process easy, fast and affordable for drivers who use our chargers.
We know though that plugging in a vehicle is only a small part of the overall equation when it comes to the charging process. There’s also the task of finding a charging site, ensuring you choose the right charger for your car and, then, paying for your charge.
Since I-Charge’s inception, our teams have had the benefit of working across a number of countries – each with their own unique characteristics in terms of their EV charging offerings. During that time, we’ve seen some processes and systems that have worked well for drivers and others that have not. It’s with this deep understanding of the vast and varied global EV charging market – and a commitment to delivering drivers the very best results – that we get to work on every new project we embark upon.
Our simple-to-use Plug & Charge solution is a foundational feature of our proprietary Charging Station Management System. This means that when a driver returns to one of our I-Charge-powered DC fast charging stations, they can quickly charge their vehicle without having to press anything on the charger itself or open a mobile app. It’s all about streamlining the task of charging.
And while convenience is important to drivers, we also know they want to be careful. At I-Charge, we genuinely care about the people who use our chargers and the cars they drive.
Our proprietary Load Management System – which offers configurable features including dynamic load sharing, smart querying and priority charging privileges – is calibrated to the highest battery protection standards to ensure our ICS products take the very best care of drivers’ vehicles.
If you are interested in knowing more about EV battery health and best practices, please get in touch. And, to better understand how to best charge your Electric Vehicle, please use the calculator below.