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 I-Charge Solutions International is a member of

 ICS’ Bolt, our self-developed EV Charging Station Management System (CSMS) is OCPP 1.6 double certified

OCPP 1.6 Fully Certified
OCPP 1.6 Security Certified

I-Charge Solutions International Co. Ltd. (ICS) was co-founded by Ms. Rosemary Tan and Dr. Benjamin Ho in 2016 in Hong Kong.  We developed Bolt™ online EV charging management system which has implemented in various overseas markets, including Macau, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, etc..

ICS aspires to resolve the pain-points of charging for EV drivers, and assist the governments, developers, carpark owners, Building Management Offices (BMO) and Owner Corporations to operate and manage charging stations cost effectively and efficiently. 

We want to contribute to the acceleration of EV adaptation in different places across the globe, and, in turn, lower carbon emission to the atmosphere.

Together, we can CHARGE more EV; we can CREATE a more sustainable world for the generations to come. 


I-Charge Solutions (ICS) is the only company founded in Hong Kong recognized as BOTH Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 (OCPP 1.6) Full Certified and Security Certified by Open Charge Alliance (OCA) for its Charging Station Management System (CSMS), Bolt.

As of December 2022, there are only 32 companies being awarded these double certifications across the globe, while Bolt is the first and only CSMS in Hong Kong being OCPP 1.6 Security Certified.  

Open Charge Alliance is an international body for establishing the open protocol standard for chargers. Being awarded these double certifications proves that our CSMS Bolt (OCPP1.6 JSON) is certified to be able to manage all OCPP compliant chargers and infrastructure with implementation of security measures. Detailed functionalities are as below:

OCPP 1.6 Fully Certified

– Comparable with OCPP 1.5 core functions including:
  o Boot notifications
  o Reset charger
  o Remote start/ stop charging, and connector plug unlock.
  o Get charger configuration
  o Charger status, heartbeats and meter value
– Firmware management
– Smart charging support for load balancing and charging control
– Reservation support
– Local authorization list management support
– Support remote trigger messaging

OCPP 1.6 Security Certified

–  Secure connection setup
– Security events/logging
– Secure firmware update

Management Team

Dr. Ben Ho, CEO
Dr. Ho is a HK University lecturer in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Building Services. ICS team has expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, digital marketing, information technology and mobile services. The team is dedicated to contribute to environmental protection through technical innovations and energy optimization product and services.

Ms. Rosemary Tan, MD
Rosemary has over 15 years of digital & mobile business experience in Pan Asia territories. She previously managed digital divisions at Sony, Universal & UNICEF HK. In 2008, Rosemary was elected as “Top 50 Women in Mobile Content”.

Mr. Paul Tsang, COO
Mr. Robert Lee, Technical Director
Mr. Clement Chan
Mr. Keon Wong

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