Enterprise Solution

In view of the increasing need for EV chargers with reliable data for planning purposes, ICS launched its Enterprise Solution in 2018. I-Charge EV Charging Enterprise Solution is most suited for owners who operate over 50 EV chargers, such as utility companies and large developers.

Charger Management System

With a growing number of EV chargers, Charger Management System (CMS) is a handy tools for enterprises to manage and monitor their chargers in different locations

ICS’ CMS as part of Enterprise Solution is deployed for CEM, power company in Macau.  The CMS manages all public DC and AC chargers in Macau in real-time.  A comprehensive dashboard allows operators to monitor and manage over 200 chargers online in a single place.

Load Management System

I-Charge’s Load Management System can diversify the power load for locations with limited power supply. The available power are shared dynamically based on the number of charger using the charging system, making all the charger utilised on the power supply.

EV Charging Network

I-Charge Charging Network solution can provide a full-range of features for operating a Charging Network in multiple locations, rather you are landlord or owner of the carpark, managing multiple facilities in different locations, or operators who which to build your own Charging Network, I-Charge’s Charing Network solution definitely helps.

Payment Solutions

I-Charge Payment Solutions consists of a FeeEngine for fee  calculations and payment solutions. Charger owners can charge EV user by duration or power consumptions. The Fee Engine is so flexible and support peak and non-peak hours, surcharge and also member discount. I-Charge’s Payment Solutions support the follow payment channel

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