I-Charge EV Charging System provides a smart solution to the building management office (BMO) and owners’ corporations (OC) to set up EV charging stations. We have established many charging stations in private properties such as residential estates and village houses.

An affordable EV charging Solutions

Smart Allocation

I-Charg's Mobile App are backed by its advanced booking system is able to allocate the electricity and charging timeslot in different scenarios.

Affordable Solutions

BMO and OC can offer affordable and fair EV charging facilities to their residents.


Our experienced team can support the home owners the setup of your Residential EV Charging Service.

Show case

Flora Garden, Hong Kong

22kW Universal Quick AC Chargers with Booking System

Two 22kW Quick AC Chargers are installed at the residence estate in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. The chargers are setup at the entrance of the visitor space of the premise and registered users can book in advance the charging session via the I-Charge EV Charging Service app. 

The Management Office can check the charger usage and utilisation rate through the web-based administration system. All the customer service and technical support are provide by I-Charge’s Customer Service Hotline. This provide a seamless and hassel-free self-service charging solutions to their residences.

Finally I can charge at home

I-Charge helped to sort out all the technical obstacles and gave good advise to our OC and management office, I am glad that I can finally charge my EV at the Carpark at home!

Alan Wong

Really Good Advice

We are very pleased with I-Charge’s services and they put up the chargers for our residents in just few weeks time.
I-Charge’s consultation service really helped to speed up the decision-making process. They gave us professional advice and give conStylefidence to our residents EV drivers, leaving them peace of mind on their daily EV charging needs.

Edmond Fu
Facility Manager, hong kong

Charger Product

Setec Wallmount AC Charger

The Setec Wallmount AC Charger offers a fast, reliable and economic way to provide chagin facilities to the residence user. All I-Charge chargers is CE certified, IP54 waterproof, and support start/stop charging by Mobile App or RFID cards.

With the choice of 7kW, 11KW, 22kW, 43kW, the charger comes with a built-in universal IEC Type 2 cable and a LED availabilities indicator, making is easier for EV drivers to charge their EV whenever they needed. 

Our Client

Urban Group is the innovative leader in the Hong Kong property and facility management industry

ISS is a leading facility management company servicing customer around the world.

MTRC is a HK-based rails operator and properties developer, with facilities management service for the properties they developed.

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